MentorHub: A Supportive Accountability Platform

MentorHub enables mentors and organizations to track and encourage mentees’ use of effective educational and wellness tools.

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Personalized mentoring

The Mood Ring helps mentees identify their top challenges and then recommends the best apps and resources.

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App Curation

MentorHub only partners with scientifically-proven apps.

Supportive accountability

MentorHub shares mentees’ use of apps and other resources with mentors, who can nudge, troubleshoot, praise, and award badges.

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Secure Communication

MentorHub enables secure, monitored text messaging, scheduling, and video chats between mentees and mentors.

Program Evaluation

MentorHub administers and graphs mentees’ engagement, questionnaire, and mood ring data so that mentees, mentors, and programs can track improvement.

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Match Support

Fully integrated website enables schools, programs, and supervisors to monitor mentee progress, app usage, text messaging, and more.