Helping Learners Get the Most Out of Their Check-In

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After a learner completes a Check-In, MentorHubNU gives them recommendations for apps that may be helpful for their top challenges. For example, if a learner is struggling with Academic Habits, MentorHubNU may suggest that they try out Khan Academy. Or, if a learner struggling with Health & Wellbeing, MentorHubNU may recommend IntelliCare.

Learners are encouraged to look at the recommended apps and decide if any are right for them. If a learner finds an app that may be a good fit for them, Student Success Guides (SSGs) are encouraged to familiarize themselves with it to best support the learner.

Supporting Learners

We know that feeling motivated or remembering to use apps (especially ones that aren’t games!) is really hard. That’s why we created MentorHubNU! The MentorHubNU app allows learners to see apps that are helpful for reaching their goals, while also providing a platform for them to receive help and support for using those apps. You and your learner should follow these steps to have a good plan in place.

Step 1: Identify a challenge

View your learner’s Check-In – what was the challenge that they rated the most difficult? What’s the challenge that they’ve been facing the most recently?

Step 2: Set a goal together

Work collaboratively with the learner to set goals for their app use. The learner might notice that they want to use the recommended app every day, but know that they won’t remember to use the app each day. As the SSG, you might encourage the learner to set an alarm on their phone so that they remember to use the partner app each day at the same time. Or, the learner might decide that they want to use an app twice this week. It is important to collaborate with the learner to set goals that will be best for them. Just be sure to launch the recommended app from the MentorHubNU app so that it can track their usage.

Step 3: Support the learner

Your role as an SSG is to provide the learner with support for reaching the goals they’ve set for themselves. You may have to provide supportive accountability or supervised practice. Continue to check in with your learner and provide encouragement or support to help them reach their goals!

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