What is MindTrails?

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MindTrails is an online intervention designed for individuals struggling with anxiety. During the program, users learn about anxious thinking and how thinking in new ways can help users feel better. When used once a week for five weeks, users build new skills for thinking about potentially anxiety-provoking situations in new and more flexible ways. When users apply their new thinking skills to their own lives, these flexible thinking patterns can lead to reduced feelings of anxiety in day-to-day life.

MindTrails is currently available for users 18+ and is available for free on computer and mobile browsers. A teen version is currently being developed specifically for MentorHub users!

MindTrails was developed by a team of psychologists and engineers at the University of Virginia. The team is always seeking to make improvements guided by science, so there are always research studies going on on the MindTrails website. To learn more or to participate in research, check out the website.

How do I access MindTrails for MentorHub?

If you’re 18-years-old or older and if you indicate that you’re experiencing anxiety or worries in your Mood Ring, you’ll be shown a link to MindTrails. When you go to the MindTrails website, you’ll see a place to enter your email address. That’s how your mentor will be able to see that you used this program! Each time you want to use MindTrails, make sure that you open it through the “My Apps” tab in MentorHub so that you and your mentor can keep track of your usage of the app. 

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