What is movr?

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Feel better in your body, every single day

with simple, prescribed exercises and an approach backed by science.

Take the guesswork out of exercise

with a personal, attainable approach to improving your physical health.

Help Using the App:

For help using the app, please see the user guide below

How do I access movr for MentorHub?

  • Based on your responses to the Mood Ring, MentorHub recommends one or more of our Partner Apps for you to help with the challenges you identified
  • You can find these recommendations in the ‘Tools’ tab, under “Recommended” on your MentorHub app
  • If movr is recommended to you based on your Mood Ring, you can download the app through MentorHub. You will then see the app in the “Tools” tab under “My Apps” in MentorHub

movr User Guide:

movr User Guide for MH Website (6).docx
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