What is SuperBetter?

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SuperbetterSuperBetter is a scientifically supported app that gamifies life—it’s designed to help users build resilience, strength, and motivation in the context of a variety of challenges (e.g., depression, stress, anxiety, healing from physical injury, recover from post-traumatic stress, finding a new job, grieving a loss, dealing with an academic/job setback, finishing a project, pursuing a goal, adopting a habit, improving a skill, etc.).

Help Using the App:

For help with using the app, click here.

You can also view information on using Superbetter on the “How is SuperBetter used?” article here.

How do I access Superbetter for MentorHub?

  • Based on your responses to the Mood Ring, MentorHub recommends one or more of our Partner Apps for you to help with the challenges you identified
  • You can find these recommendations in the “Tools” tab, under “Recommended” on your MentorHub app
  • If Superbetter is recommended to you based on your Mood Ring, you can download the app through MentorHub. You will then see the app in the “Tools” tab under “My Apps” in MentorHub


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